About Software Concepts
Our Mission:

Our mission at Software Concepts is to be the leader in the software training industry for Information Technology (IT) professionals. Our goal is to bring value to our clients and our employees by providing high quality education services to the network-computing marketplace.

We will do this by providing the best training in current and emerging technologies. Our Approach will include interactive, structured, hands-on training delivered by professional Trainers with real world experience. We will build long-term relationships with our clients in order to better anticipate their technology needs.

Our Results:

By teaching courses with a focus on the latest technologies, we help our clients

  Control their training costs, while improving their competitive advantage.
  Help new employees demonstrate immediate use of new skills.
  Challenge veteran employees for growth.
  Improve employee productivity.
  Aid in employee retention

Our History:

SCI is a certified Woman-Owned Business, established in 1993 to provide technical training for fortune 1000 companies. Our portfolio of technical training includes operating systems, programming languages, web and mainframe technology.